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Netduino Plus 2 and Networking + NTP

The Netduino Plus 2


Netduino Plus 2

Get the .NET micro framework SDK here:
Downloads & Documentation

Delivers cool features to the .NET MF fx. SNTP Client and lots of other komponents
.NET Micro Framework Toolbox

Go get a NTP time server for the SNTP client:
Europe time servers

While using Visual Studio ’12 or ’13 you have to add some references to your solution fx all the toolbox dlls is placed in the install dir.

How to setup the SNTP and sync the clock on the netduino.
It’s possible to set the date/time this way! Remember that the Globals.LocalTimeOffset is my variable for the time difference to UTC!





How disable windows 8 driver signing enforcement

To disable/enable driver signing as well as turning test signing on (seems to be an alternative approach) type:

bcdedit.exe /set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe /deletevalue loadoptions      -- to undo the previous command
bcdedit.exe /set testsigning ON
bcdedit.exe /set testsigning OFF          -- to undo the previous command

Follow this guide

Addendum from MSDN

V-USB on STK500 with ATmega32 µC

  • 20-02-2014 – Today i worked with virtual USB drivers on a Atmel µC (ATmega32) besides that I made a HID consisting of a STK500 + ATmega32 and a hacked USB cable so it can connect with the STK500. This Setup brought a very simple keyboard by the use of the switches onboard the STK500…
    http://www.ftdichip.com/ TTL-232R TTL to USB Serial Converter Range of Cables.
    HIDKeys_HH (download ZIP)
    If you are using the Atmel studio 6.1 a bug can occur. If a SIG_INTERRUPT0 build error comes up try replacing the reference with INT0_vect
    uart uart (uart.c & uart.h)

    STK500 kit:


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